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Marina de Koning-Tijssen (Professor / neurologist UMCG, Groningen)

I am a professor of movement disorders at the Department of Neurology at the University Medical Center Groningen and the initiator of the DystonieNet. My main interests are dystonia, in terms of patient care and scientific research. I am trained as a neurologist at Leiden and have subsequently worked for a year at the Institute of Neurology in Queen Square Hospital in London. Since January 1, 2012 I enjoyed working in Groningen for 12 years I have been working in the AMC. I am chair of the medical advisory board of the Dystonia Patient. Further I am also a member of the national working group movement of the Dutch Association of Neurology and I organize together with Hans Koelman twice a year the botulinum course for neurologists and nurses.

Bob van Hilten (professor / neurologist LUMC , Leiden)

I am a professor at the Department of Neurology at the Leiden University Medical Center and responsible for the movement disorders clinic. Within the area movement disorders I have a particular interest in dystonia and Parkinson’s disease. I'm in the medical advisory board of the Dystonia Patient asociation and am co-founder of the DystonieNET. I am also a member of the Committee on Parkinsonism and Related Disorders of the World Federation of Neurology and Movement Disorders Society (MDS). In the field of dystonia, I am very active in the understanding and treatment of dystonia in the Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, other pain syndromes and peripheral injury.

Bart van de Warrensburg (neurologist Radboud UMC Nijmegen)

I am neurologist with a focus on movement disorders, meaning that I see many patients with movement disorders and that my research is also aimed at this group of neurological disorders. I am trained as a neurologist at the University Medical Center St. Radboud and have subsequently made ​​a one year fellowship in movement disorders London. I'm in the medical advisory board of the Dystonia Patient and am co-founder of the DystonieNET. In the Radboud five neurologists working engaged in movement and they are supported by a nurse specialist and a Parkinson's nurse. There is extensive experience in the treatment with botulinum injections, which are given at this time by dr. Jaco Pasman (clinical neurophysiologist), Martha Huvenaars (nurse practitioner) and myself.

Hans Koelman (neurologist / clinical neurophysiologist , AMC)

I am trained in the AMC and a PhD in 2001 for research into the mechanisms involved in the onset of dystonia. I see patients with different forms of dystonia and treatment even more special shapes such as writer's cramp and dystonia of the mouth, with botulinum toxin. In the AMC two dystonieconsulenten specialize in giving botulinum toxin. Also in the AMC for neurologists and nurses twice a year, organized a workshop for the treatment of cervical dystonia and dystonia around the eyes with botulinum toxin. Many patients can be happily resolved to satisfaction with botulinum toxin, but there remain people who have little benefit from this treatment. The challenge is also in these patients to achieve optimal treatment.

Joost van den Dool (physiotherapist / health scientist AMC)

Since November 2011 I keep myself in DystonieNet engaged in the development of a physiotherapist / exercise therapy treatment program. Since January 2012 I started my PhD research on the effectiveness of this treatment program. The results of which I hope to publish in 2015 to then implement the treatment plan as a guide. Furthermore, I keep myself busy with the coordination of physiotherapists, remedial therapists and neurologists of the DystonieNet and I'm in the medical advisory board of the Dystonia Patient. I think it's great to see how enthusiastic the therapists from the field on this project and their willingness to improve care around dystoniepatiënten.

Bart Visser (movement scientist / lecturer at the training exercise, HVA)

I am working in a combined function of Lector Exercise therapy and training manager training Mensendieck at the Hogeschool van Amsterdam. I as a supervisor involved in the promotion project of Joost van den Dool. This project focuses on research into the effectiveness of a standardized physiotherapy / exercise therapy treatment program for cervical dystonia central. In addition to the guidance of Joost van den Dool, I will also be involved in the training offered by the DystonieNet and that will take place in collaboration with the University of Amsterdam.

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