Cervical dystonia

Cervical Dystonia (CD) or spasmodic torticollis is a chronic, debilitating neurological condition characterized by abnormal postures and / or jerking of the head due to involuntary muscle contractions of the neck. Pain by approximately 75% of patients experience and is next to the abnormal position of the head of the main causes of the obstacles in everyday life.

Many people use a particular touch that temporary relief which can give the dystonic movements and postures (sensory tricks or gesture antagonistique). Most patients with CD using a light touch on the cheek. When a part of the patient operates a touch of the chin, the forehead or back of sensory as well as trick. Besides the posture abnormalities and pain psychosocial issues may also play a large role in CD patients. Between 25 and 60% of patients, is related to anxiety and depression symptoms. With an estimate of about 5.7 patients on 100,000 people in Western Europe, CD is the most common form of dystonia. The number of patients in the Netherlands is estimated to be 8,000. The cause of CD and other forms of dystonia is still largely unclear.

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