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Welcome to DystoniaNET

DystoniaNet is a collaboration of European health providers to optimize the care for cervical dystonia patients in Europe. DystoniaNet facilitates collaboration between specialised neurologists and other health care professionals in national and local networks. The aim is to improve treatment for patients, visibility of professionals in dystonia care, to educate healthcare providers and to facilitate research in cervical dystonia.
Cervical dystonia is characterized by abnormal postures and/or involuntary movements of the head. Cervical dystonia is the most frequent form of focal dystonia and one out of 2500 persons develops a form of focal dystonia during life. The first line treatment is botulinum toxin injections in the affected neck muscles. Referral for physical therapy is common, but evidence towards the effects of physical therapy is still under research. In severe forms of cervical dystonia deep brain stimulation can be applied.
In 2010 to optimize care for cervical dystonia patients in the Netherlands, a national-wide network was initiated called DystonieNet. The Dutch DystonieNet is currently evolving into DystoniaNet, a European network.

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